Park Center Plaza

Park Center Plaza is an urban business park located in downtown San Jose that sits atop a below grade parking structure.  Spanning two city-square blocks, the 360,000 sf. plaza is anchored by a domed water feature at the main entrance, and two cor-ten steel sculptures by local artists at each end of the plaza. 

Strong lines of elevated Bradford Pears in cor-ten planters create pedestrian promenades on the north and south edges of the plaza.  Raised lawn panels create informal seating opportunities and add softness to the urban plaza.  

A bamboo grove with break out seating areas sits in the middle of the plaza to provide cool shade in the hot summer months.  Bamboo is used throughout the plaza to scale down the high-rise buildings and soften the plazas edges.  The buildings are tied together by strong diagonal paving bands running across the entire plaza.