University of San Diego Pedestrian Mall

University of San Diego’s campus master plan calls for the existing road running down the center of campus to be replaced by a pedestrian mall.  The plan below is the final approved concept for the Spanish Renaissance themed pedestrian mall connecting the existing Colachis Plaza to the east, and the proposed entry roundabout to the west.  Thirty feet of grade change between the two ends of the mall create opportunities for tiered lawn areas, spilling water features, and multi-level outdoor classroom and seating areas.  

We worked closely with the faculty and students through carefully planned workshops to determine the specific needs and wants of the campus users.  The final design incorporates a central quad, which the campus lacks, traditional Spanish Rennaissance style fountains, and a variety of spaces for study, leisure and socializing.  The major pedestrian spine runs along the south side of the mall to highlight the views of the featured buildings to the north.  The bosque of date palms and textured paving at the vehicular/pedestrian intersection on the east end of the mall doubles as a traffic calming measure while mainting a strong pedestrian connection to the existing plaza.